How to configure log in on Beeple using Facebook

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  1. Register as a Facebook Developer

    1. Visit the Facebook developer portal and log in.https://developers.facebook.com/Register as a Facebook Developer.https://developers.facebook.com/async/registration/

  2. Register Your Beeple App as a Facebook App

    1. https://developers.facebook.com/apps/Click [Create App]Select an app type: (x) ConsumerClick [Continue]

    2. Create an AppApp Display Name: Your Company NameApp Contact Email: your.name@gmail.comClick [Create App]

  3. Add the Facebook Login Product to Your App

    1. On the left side menu, click Products: [Add Product]Click Facebook Login [Set Up]

    2. Use the Quickstart to add Facebook Login to your app.

    3. To get started, select the platform for this app.Click [(WWW) Web]1. Tell Us about Your WebsiteSite URL: https://your.beeple.app.site.comClick

    4. [Save]

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