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A brief guide to work with Beeple

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Beeple is an online tool to manage and schedule temporary/flexible collaborators. More information is available on Beepleʼs website.

This integration allows you to:

  • Indicate that you need a collaborator by booking a specific resource on an event in Yesplan. A request is sent to Beeple automatically.

  • Schedule collaborators in Beeple who can perform the task.

  • Send relevant details of the person booked (e.g. name or telephone number) back to Yesplan. These details are shown on the event in question.


Beeple and Yesplan use different concepts. In the list below, you find several terms from Beeple and the way they are represented in Yesplan.

  • Function: In Beeple, this is the task a collaborator can perform (e.g. “bar”, “reception”, “cloakroom”). The function corresponds to a resource of the type “Service” that is booked on an event in Yesplan.

  • Planningdetails: In Beeple, these are the details of the collaborator that has been booked. These details are sent to Yesplan and shown in a custom data field on the event.

  • Missingplanning: In Beeple, this is the number of functions that remain to be assigned for a certain event. This number is sent to Yesplan and shown in a custom data field on the event.

3 Steps

By following the next 3 steps you'll become a Beeple expert in no time!

Enjoy your planning!

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