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What is the module 'Check-in/Check-out'?
What is the module 'Check-in/Check-out'?

What this module does and for which purposes you can use it

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The module check-in/check-out is used to register the presence of collaborators during the workday. This is a different module from the module 'Registration worked hours', which is often described as 'Time registration'.

Admins can check-in/check-out:

  • Via the website

  • Via the mobile app 'Beeple' (admin side):

    • Via scan of the QR code on the callsheet (often used at events)

    • Via the page 'Manage staff' (combined with the module 'hour registration')

Collaborators can check-in/check-out:

  • Via the mobile app 'Beeple'

    • Via scan of QR code of address (always in combination with the module 'geolocation')

    • Without QR scan, only with a click on the 'Check-in' button (always in combination with the module 'geolocation')

  • Via the mobile app 'Check-in kiosk'

When collaborators check-in/check-out it is possible to combine this with the setting 'Registration worked hours by collaborators'. For check-ins done by collaborators it is also possible to request a seflie.

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