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How can I export the profile properties?
How can I export the profile properties?
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Profile properties can be incorporated in any kind of export, just make sure you add the correct code for your profile property.

  • Open a new or existing Excel file on your computer.

  • Add one or more columns for the profile property values you want to see.

  • Enter the name of the profile property as column title.

  • Enter the correct code for the profile property in the field underneath the title (see example below). Don't forget: 'PROFILE_PROPERTY' needs to be replaced by the code you chose yourself for the profile property.

  • Create or update an Excel export template.

  • Make an export with the uploaded export template.

  • Your export appears at the top of the page with an overview of all the exports.

  • Refresh the page until you see the number of rows next to your export.

  • Click on the description to download your export file.

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