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How can I create a PDF export template?
How can I create a PDF export template?
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PDF export templates are made of a combination of text and codes from the dictionaries. Pay attention: codes inside of a table will only be replaced when a bookmark is added to the table in Word! To do this, follow the step-by-step plan below.

  • Open a new Word file.

  • Enter free text if necessary. This free text can also contain codes from the dictionaries.

  • Create a table of 2 rows.

  • Enter the column titles in the first row.

  • Enter the matching codes from the dictionaries (see link above) in the second row. Make sure you don't forget to add the double brackets!

  • Go to the tab 'Insert' in Word.

  • Select the whole table and include the part behind it and underneath it (see screenshot below).

  • Click on 'Bookmarks' in the menu bar at the top (with the flag symbol).

  • Enter the type of data you want to export (e.g. COLLABORATORS, ENROLMENTS, PROJECTS etc.). It always needs to be written in plural and in capitals!

  • Click on 'Add'. Your bookmark is now created.

  • Save your export template.

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