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How can I create an XML export template?
How can I create an XML export template?
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Next to Excel and Word (PDF) templates, you can also upload XML templates in Beeple. An XML file is made up of tags. Here's an example of how an XML template can be drawn up:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beeple:foreach from="COLLABORATORS" xmlns:beeple="">
<beeple:text key="COLLABORATOR_FIRST_NAME" /> <beeple:text key="COLLABORATOR_LAST_NAME" />
<beeple:text key="COLLABORATOR_EMAIL" />
<beeple:text key="COLLABORATOR_DEPARTMENTS" />

Some side notes:

  • '<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8"?>' indicates which version of XML is used.

  • '<xml>' indicates the beginning of the file.

  • '</xml>' indicates the end of the file.

  • '<beeple:foreach xmlns:beeple=“” from=“COLLABORATORS”>' indicates that you will export collaborators' data, COLLABORATORS can be replaced by any group in Beeple, such as TEAM, PAYMENTS and so on.

  • '<Person> </Person>' groups the data of a collaborator.

  • '<id> </id>' is one field, in this case filled with '<beeple:text key=“COLLABORATOR_BEEPLE_CODE” />'.

  • '<beeple:text key=“COLLABORATOR_BEEPLE_CODE” />' indicates that you want the Beeple ID, 'COLLABORATOR_BEEPLE_CODE' can be replaced by any other tag.

  • <person> and <id> are no fixed tags, you can choose others as well.

When you upload your XML template, you can click on the small arrow to reveal a tree that contains all the tags you can use. These tags can be copied to your clipboard with the button next to them.

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