January release 2024
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Another set of features and new releases is shipped! Let's dive into what's new this January:

🚀 Single sign on functionality

SSO is a handy addition to collaborators wanting to connect to the Beeple tool by using their existing external accounts, like Google, Microsoft, etc. We have added some simple elements that will only make your life easier.

What’s new?

  • Next to the existing SSO functionalities, we will now accept more than one Microsoft provider, allowing different configurations for your system (using Microsoft Graph, Entra, etc.)

  • Clients can choose whether or not to allow registration and login of collaborators only with the provider accounts.

  • Addition of email domains in the provider settings will allow stronger links between providers and users.

Please feel free to contact your customer success manager for any questions!

👌 Beeple’s planning communication flow

In this release, we introduce a significant enhancement to the communication flow within Beeple, specifically addressing the challenges faced when combining upfront planning and last-minute adjustments. To accommodate the new communication flow and to make your life easier when working, the draft/live mode has been extended with additional settings and options.

What’s new?

  • A new option has been introduced under 'All enrolments by me' or 'Selection of enrolments by anyone,' called “None”. This option allows administrators to choose not to send communications at all, keeping enrolments in draft mode.

  • Administrators have the option of choosing individual dates or a period (start and end date) for transitioning enrolments from draft to live mode.

  • Call Sheet Document: Administrators can now choose a call sheet document, providing flexibility in selecting individual dates or a period for transitioning enrolments from draft to live mode.

  • The hierarchy selection includes projects, subprojects, and teams ordered alphabetically.

  • A handy indicator has been added to the draft/live mode button to provide clear status information:

✔️ Hide functions for collaborators

Enhancements to the public portal were added to provide greater control over the visibility of function information for collaborators. The focus is on allowing administrators to hide function details across various sections of the portal, ensuring a more tailored and privacy-focused experience for users.

What’s new?

  • A new setting called ‘Display functions' can be found in the ‘Portal for collaborators’ module. Select ‘Yes’ if you would like collaborators to see the functions associated to jobs in the public page. Alternatively, select 'No’ to completely hide functions from the public page.

  • Head to the ‘Portal for Collaborators’ module, then the 'Overview configurations' section to configure your jobseeker headers.

✔️ Modify approved hours

Managing worked hours is a task that admins deal with a lot, and often there are changes that need to be made throughout the process. We’ve made it easier for you, as now you will be able to modify hours that have already been approved!

What’s new?

  • A new access role “Modify approved hours”, which will determine whether an admin can modify hours or not.

  • Modifying approved hours to saved hours, so changes can be made.

Stay tuned, as modifying approved costs will be featured in the coming months!

👉 Ready to explore all these exciting additions in detail? Reach out to your customer success manager for more information or if you need any help.

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