August release 2019
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A new release means a fresh overview of the most important Beeple innovations of this month's release!

Collaborators: swipe to enrol 

Inspired by the popular dating app Tinder, collaborators can now use our new swipe function to enroll for jobs at your company. Swipe to the right means they will apply for the job, a swipe to the left means they will not apply for the job.  

Availabilities 2.0 Beeple App 

In the previous release we launched the new availabilities 2.0 for the desktop users, now you can see the same new features on the mobile app! 

You can find “hours without planning” and “availabilities” on your Beeple app in the same module. No functionality is lost! 

Easy switching between multiple Beeple accounts  

Especially handy for collaborators working for different employers, and professional schedulers working for different clients: you can now switch easily on your mobile app between your different Beeple accounts. No need to log out and login anymore! 

Scheduled collaborator = unavailable at that moment 

When looking at the availabilities of your collaborators, Beeple will consider the unavailability of your collaborators who are scheduled at a project at that specific moment. Also, when adding an unavailability, Beeple will warn you that that isn’t allowed for a collaborator who has been scheduled on a project. 

Depending on your configuration, the unavailability will not be allowed if a collaborator is enrolled or Beeple will notify the scheduler about the coincidence of work shift and, for example, illness.  

By displaying (un)availabilities more accurately, you reduce the chance of a no show even more!

Do you have any questions about the release? Don’t hesitate to contact your CS Manager!

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