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What do I use 'Profile properties' for?
What do I use 'Profile properties' for?
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A profile property is a quality of a collaborator that you want to know, but which is not included in Beeple by default. This functionality enables you to:

  • filter your collaborators list;

  • define a required profile on a team, so that only collaborators with that profile can be enrolled in that team;

  • define a required profile on a function, so that all teams with that function will automatically have the same required profile.

Profile properties are arranged in groups. You can decide in which order the groups and the profile properties within the groups are shown.

You can choose whether or not a profile property is public. When it is public, every collaborator needs to fill it in himself. When it is not public, the admins need to fill it in for each collaborator.

For every profile property, you can determine whether you want to

  • request a remark;

  • request an expiration date;

  • request a piece of evidence (not for a profile property with the field type 'Upload').

All public profile properties can be verified by admins: you can confirm the data that the collaborator filled in or you can overwrite them.

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