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January 2019 release

An overview of the most important innovations of this month.

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Collaborators can invite friends

You could say Beeple has become a social network since this release. Collaborators can now invite their friends on the self-service portal to come work for your organisation. They can do that on the jobs page or via their work overview. They are requested to enter the email address of the friend and complete a message (default template is provided). This new function can be activated in the settings below “Register collaborators”.

Counters and rewards

We are proud to introduce two completely new modules this release. Thanks to the counters module, you can keep track of how often each collaborator has worked and how many of his/hers friend invites have been accepted. How often a collaborator has worked can obviously only be calculated when the registration of worked hours module is activated. Things that are not in Beeple can still be added manually.

Just like other modules, this module needs to be activated in the settings and it is also connected to 2 new user rights. In the counters menu underneath the gearwheel, you can create new counters. In there, you define in the rules how and what needs to be counted exactly. The factor is the value by which the counted variable is multiplied, for example when the factor is 2, the counted variable is doubled. An accepted friend invite would then equal 2 points.

The counters module is inextricably bound up with the rewards module. Rewards can only be activated when the counters are turned on. With the rewards module you can define targets for which the collaborators need to strive in order to receive a reward. You can for example offer them a cinema ticket when their counter is at 50 points. The collaborators can consult their counters themselves (but of course not modify) and the admins can consult the history of both modules per collaborator as well.

Even more languages in Beeple

Our tool has become a little more accessible during the past month. From now on, Beeple is fully available in Spanish. Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that one same language can have multiple variations. Think of for example the distinction between the Dutch in Belgium and the one in the Netherlands. We now have applied that distinction in Beeple, which means that you will be able to notice little language differences between the Dutch and the Belgian Beeple sites.

Visual indication replacement

A couple of months ago, we already launched the replacement function in the planning, through which you could easily replace an absent collaborator by another one. We now have fine-tuned that function. From now on, a replacement will visually stand out in the planning thanks to a special icon. When you click on it, a pop-up appears in which you will find a lot of info: when the replacement happened, which admin executed the replacement, which collaborator was replaced, who was the substitute and any comment. We also implemented that a cancellation mail can be sent automatically to the collaborator that has been replaced.

Copying a complete project/subproject/team

A feature that many of you have undoubtedly been waiting for impatiently: the copying of complete projects/subprojects/teams, including the enrolments! When you copy one of these planning elements, you get the question whether you also want to copy the matching enrolments. On the basis of the start date you enter, Beeple automatically calculates the new dates of the underlying teams/shifts. When copying a team, the related data such as profile properties, documents etc. are automatically copied as well. Enrolments are automatically copied with the same contract type, the same special compensation if applicable and so on. When an enrolment can’t be copied (because of for example an overlapping enrolment), you receive a notification on the dashboard and it is also clearly marked in the planning. This new function can be activated in the settings beneath “Plan”.

Admin dashboard 2.0

You might already have seen it on Instagram: the admin dashboard got a complete makeover this release. You can determine on your own admin profile which types of notifications are critical, important and informative to you. On that same page, you can determine for each type of notification via which channel you would like to receive it: email, SMS or chat. After that, you can filter in the dashboard on those 3 levels of priority. But that’s not all. The dashboard has also been expanded with some new widgets. At the unplanned teams, you can see which teams in the near future are not yet completely filled in and you can click through to the concerned team. In the middle column, you can consult applications that are still under discussion. From this column, you can click through to the collaborator’s profile or directly accept or reject the application. The pending events show you which collaborators almost have their birthdays and which profile properties are about to expire. Finally, our cooperation with can also be admired on the new dashboard. This is only available for the customers with this integration. Thanks to the link with, analysis about your personnel and staffing projects is always within reach. Are you interested in purchasing this integration? Please contact

The past month, we solved several bugs and implemented many improvements as well.

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