• Consult the settings.

  • Click on 'Register collaborators' in the left side bar.

  • Indicate 'Yes' next to 'Volunteers can invite friends'.

  • Click on 'Update settings' to save your changes.

  • Scroll down to 'Message templates'.

  • Hover over 'User Invite Friend' and click on the plus sign at the right.

  • Select 'Email' below 'Message type'.

  • Select the language in which you will write the template.

  • Enter a sender and a subject if necessary.

  • Enter your message. The message needs to contain the following 2 elements:

  1. {{INVITE_MESSAGE_HTML}}: this part will be substituted by the message your collaborator wrote on the self-service portal.

  2. A link with Id 'ACCEPT_COLLABORATOR_INVITATION_LINK'. A quick step-by-step guide to insert the link:

  • Enter the word/sentence on which the invitee can click to accept the invitation.

  • Select that word/sentence.

  • Click on the chains icon in the menu bar.

  • Enter the URL of your Beeple website below 'URL'.

  • Click on the tab 'Advanced'.


  • Click on 'OK' to add your link.

  • Click on 'Create message template when you have finished your template.

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