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How can I enter my (un)availabilities in the app?
How can I enter my (un)availabilities in the app?
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  • Log in on the collaborators app.

  • Click on 'My Availability' in the main menu.

  • Select the date for which you want to enter your (un)availability. You arrive on the following screen.

  • Depending on the settings of your employer, you can now select whether you're (un)available for a whole day, for a specific day part or even for a specific period of time.

  • Select 'Available' or 'Unavailable'.

  • Enter a period of time if necessary.

  • Select an end date if necessary (when you're (un)availability lasts longer than one day).

  • Enter a remark if necessary.

  • Enter a repetitive (un)availability if necessary.

  • Click on 'Confirm'.

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