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How can I create a work schedule template?
How can I create a work schedule template?
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Since the release of September 2018, the work schedule got an update. Not only the confirmed enrolments, but also the unavailable and unplanned hours can now be included. You can request a default template from the customer success team. 

Important side note: the hours without planning need to be marked as absence in order for you to be able to include them in the working schedule. 

To add the unavailabilities and/or unplanned hours to your template, follow the next steps:

Part 1: Set up the work schedule

  • Click on the gearwheel in the upper right corner.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’.

  • Click on ‘Work schedules’ in the left side bar.

  • Select the data you want to see in the work schedule next to ‘Work schedule data’.

  • Click on ‘Update settings’ to save your choice.

Part 2: Create your Keys

  • Go to the 'Work schedules' settings (see above).

  • Scroll to 'Settings work schedules data'.

  • Click on the plus sign at the right to add a new 'Key'.

  • Enter a clear collective name, for example 'Date' or 'Day'.

  • Enter the dictionary code (dictionary Enrolments, Unavailability & Unplanned hours)  that matches the data you want to see for the enrolments and/or unavailabilities. For example '{{TEAM_FIRST_SHIFT_START_DATE}} for the date of a confirmed enrolment.

  • Click on 'Create Custom dictionary key' when you're ready. Existing keys can always be updated. The tool automatically adds 'WORK_SCHEDULE_EVENT' to your key. The combination of these two is the code you need to use in your template, for example '{{WORK_SCHEDULE_EVENT_DATE}}.

  • If you combine the enrolments and unavailabilities in the work schedule, make sure to add a description, so that you can recognize which data concerns enrolments and which data concerns unavailabilities. For example TEAM_FULL_NAME for enrolments and UNAVAILABILITY_REASON for unavailabilities with key 'Description'.

Part 3: Compose your template

  • Add your custom dictionary keys (in format '{{WORK_SCHEDULE_EVENT_key}}') to the work schedule template.

  • When the work schedule is done, select it as a whole and add the bookmark 'WORK_SCHEDULE_EVENTS'.

  • If necessary, add some codes to the header of your work schedule template.

  • If necessary, you can add the sum of {{TEAM_FIRST_SHIFT_DURATION}} of all mentioned enrolments + {{TRANSFER_TIME}} of all mentioned enrolments + {{APPROVED_DURATION}} of all mentioned unplanned hours to your footer via the following code: {{WORK_SCHEDULE_TOTAL_DURATION}}. Make sure you check the boxes of the data you want to make a sum of in the work schedules data table (see below).

  • If necessary, add the sum of the duration of all shifts in the work schedule to your footer via the following code: {{ENROLMENTS_TOTAL_DURATION}}.

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