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How to set up a new website
How to set up a new website
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Different steps (in this particular order) that need to be taken when you set up a new website for a customer:

  • Go to the general settings and customize the theme by adding the company's logo and colours.

  • Go through the other settings and adapt where necessary. Make sure to check if you have the right contract types and the right enrolment types (underneath the setting 'Recruit') when you work with vacancies,

  • Add a personalized call sheet (on which you added the logo and colours of the customer) and a proper send schedule for call sheet below the setting 'Enrolments'.

  • Activate the modules that will be used and deactivate the other ones. Go through the settings of the activated modules and adapt where necessary.

  • Add the appropriate profile properties on the basis of the collaborators list that you received. Make sure that the names in Beeple are exactly the same as the ones in the collaborators file.

  • Import the collaborators list.

  • Request some essential export templates from the Beeple Customer Success Team and add these below the module 'Export data'.

  • In case there will be a workshop in which you explain the tool, add an example planning that corresponds to the example the customer sent you.

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