Automatically reject candidacies

An overload of untreated candidacies; that must definitely sound familiar to some of you. Luckily, we have found a solution to that overload. From the moment a candidacy is in the past (for example an open candidacy for a working day on 20/12 and it is 21/12), it is automatically rejected. Another situation where this happens (after you have activated the setting): a collaborator that has overlapping candidacies, for one same moment. Once one of those candidacies has been accepted, the others will automatically be rejected. This does obviously not apply to global teams, for which the shift is usually not known yet.

Birthday wish to collaborators

Do you think your collaborators deserve an extra congratulation on their birthday? Good news! From now on, you can create a template for birthday wishes that is automatically sent (at 6 am in the morning) to collaborators on their birthday. Just like with other message templates, you can choose via which channel the message is sent: via email, text message, Facebook or Beeple chat. To be able to create and modify the template, you need to activate the right ‘Message templates’ for the concerned role below ‘Access and security’.

Extra settings repetitive teams

When a collaborator applies for or enrols in a repetitive team, he/she automatically receives the question whether he/she also wants to apply for/enrol in the other teams of the series. We now added a setting below ‘Recruit’ that makes it possible to deactivate that question. Therefore, you need to indicate ‘No’ next to ‘Repeating teams: quick enrol/apply by collaborator’. The same setting has been added for the admins below ‘Enrolments’. This setting enables you to switch off the question () that an admin receives when enrolling a collaborator in a repetitive team.

Enrolment photos

A few releases ago, we announced that collaborators were from that moment onwards able to upload pieces of evidence when transferring their hours and costs in the app. We now added a little extra to that, namely that you can request your collaborators to upload a photo of the workstation, to prove their presence or to document their work. When doing so, they can choose a picture from the gallery of their device or directly take a photo and name it in the app. This can also be done through the web tool below ‘My work’ by clicking on an enrolment. This new function appears from the moment a shift has begun. The admin can consult & download the pictures in different ways. On the page of the collaborator by clicking on the enrolment in question or on the page of the concerned project, subproject or team by clicking on the drop-down menu ‘Actions’ and selecting ‘Download enrolment photos’. In that same drop-down, we now added the option to download the whole of pieces of evidence for the hours or costs as a ZIP file.

The past month, several bugs were solved and many improvements were implemented.

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