• Consult the settings.
  • Click on 'Collaborators' in the left side bar.
  • Scroll down the page to the last message template 'Birthday wishes'.
  • Hover over the message template and click on the plus sign at the right.
  • Select the channel through which you want to send the birthday wishes: email, SMS, Facebook or Beeple chat.
  • Select the language of your message template.
  • Enter your birthday wishes in the blank field.
  • If desired, personalize your message with the first name of the collaborator by adding following code: {{COLLABORATOR_FIRST_NAME}}.
  • Mark the template as active.
  • Click on 'Create message template' to save your changes.

The template will now be sent to collaborators on their birthday. Pay attention: Birthday wishes are sent out once a day at 6 am. Adding the template the same day as a collaborator's birthday does not necessarily result in an automatic birthday message to that collaborator (unless the template was created before 6 am).

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