You may have read it somewhere already: Beeple has an integration with since a couple of days. Don't waste time doing exports and configuring data in pivots anymore, but immediately consult an analysis of your crew and staff projects in a standard or custom dashboard. What is your average time to fill jobs for a specific project? Or in general? How many working hours are scheduled by month, by quarter or by year? How many text messages are sent to fill in jobs? This is just a fraction of the possibilities in the dashboards of & Beeple!

Compensations for permanent collaborators

In the release mail of October, we already announced that Beeple could create contracts for permanent collaborators from then on. This release, we add a little extra. You can now also allocate compensations to permanent collaborators. This is both possible on team level and collaborator level (as special compensations).

Weekly/monthly work schedule

Last month, we also worked on an upgrade of the work schedule. You can now decide to automatically create a work schedule every week or every month (in the settings of “Work schedules”), even when there were no changes. The period of that week or month is based on the chosen planning periods (underneath the “Plan” settings). On the public side, collaborators can download their work schedule for each week or month. For those who use work schedules with unavailabilities and/or hours without planning: for each modification of those data, the work schedule will be recreated.

Minimum and maximum shift and work duration

The shift duration and work duration can now be set up even more precisely below the “Plan” settings. For both of them, you can decide how long they can minimally and maximally last. In here, we apply an absolute maximum of 24 hours and this is also set up as standard. The minimal duration is based on the chosen minimal planning unit (for example 5 minutes). When creating shifts and teams, it will automatically take these minimum and maximum shift and work durations into account.

Evaluation 2.0

The last few weeks, the evaluation module received the biggest make-over. First of all, we introduced some innovations underneath the gear wheel: the evaluation questionnaires and the evaluation question fields. Thanks to evaluation questionnaires, you can cluster evaluation questions that need to be filled in by one of the following groups: admins, customers or collaborators. By the way: this can also be chosen per separate evaluation question. On each planning level (project, subproject and team), you can select a default questionnaire. Evaluation question fields enable you to group evaluation questions per specific situation, e.g. questions for an outdoor event or questions for a specific branch.  Pay attention: these new functions only work when evaluation questions are activated and when the admin evaluates collaborators per enrolment! In addition to the evaluation settings for admins and customers, there is also a separate part for the collaborators, who can now evaluate an enrolment themselves. On top of that, we made the evaluation hovers in the planning better-organized and clickable. Finally, evaluations can now be included in exports.

Do you have any questions about the release? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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