Profile property exports

The feature we’ve all been waiting for: exporting separate profile properties! From now on, you can enter a dictionary name for each profile property, by analogy with the additional planning fields. To export a specific profile property, enter the chosen dictionary name in your PDF or Excel template, preceded byCOLL_ (PDF) or COLLABORATOR_ (Excel) and followed by _OWN_VALUE, _ADMIN_VALUE or _ACTUAL_VALUE, depending on which value you want to export.

Deactivate account stop

It regularly happens that collaborators stop their account by accident. Luckily, that’s now in the past with this new setting that enables you to hide the button, making it no longer possible to stop your account unintentionally. This setting can be found underneath “Collaborators”.

Two-factor-authentication login

We’re another step closer towards a 100% safe online environment with the two-factor-authentication login, where a special authentication code is sent to your email address. You can activate this for both administrators and collaborators, in which case they choose themselves whether they use it or not or you can enforce it for administrators, in which case admins are compelled to use two-factor-authentication to log in. These new settings can be found underneath “Access and security”.

Check-in after expiry check-in period

There’s a new setting that enables collaborators to check-in after the expiry of the check-in period. When the setting is activated, collaborators withfor example a train delay can still check themselves in one hour after the shift has started. You can find this setting below the “Plan” settings, where you can indicate exactly how long they can check in after the expiry of the check-in period.

Accept terms & documents at the same time

The “Terms & Conditions”, which consist of Beeple’s Terms of Use, Cookie statement and Privacy policy, are now shown in one and the same window as the documents to accept. When these need to be explicitly accepted, collaborators that do not have accepted them cannot access the tool anymore and can be found by admins through a specific filter. From now on, you can upload new documents to accept underneath the “Collaborator” settings instead of the “Register collaborators” module.

Read-only data in profile

This new setting allows you to hide the personal data and profile section below “My profile”. This means that collaborators can only edit their login data and access their personal settings. In addition, we also added a read-only option for the profile properties. When you create a public profile property, you can indicate whether or not it is editable. If not, it becomes a read-only profile property. All your existing profile property will be default editable, so no need to make changes if you do not want to use this feature.

Scheduled exports

When the module “Export data” is active, there will be a new option in the drop-down menu underneath the gear wheel, namely “Scheduled exports”. This new feature helps you plan ahead and schedule exports weekly or monthly. Once the exports are ready, they are sent to an email address you have chosen. Existing exports can always be updated or deleted.

Maximum file upload size of 10 MB

Upload files are restricted to a size of 10 MB and you receive a notification when you exceed this size. When you add an attachment to a campaign, the maximum size of one file is 7 MB and the total file upload size for the whole campaign is 10 MB as well.

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