Enrolment/candidacy for repetitive team

It was already possible to create repetitive teams, for example teams that take place each Saturday and Sunday. When you change one of the teams of the repetition, you have the possibility to apply the change to all of the (following) teams in the series. From now on, you can also enrol a collaborator for all (or some, it’s up to you) teams of a repetition in just one click. The other way round, collaborators can also apply for all of the teams in a series at the same time.

Recruiting on project/subproject level

The long-awaited update of the global teams is here! Global teams enable you to publish teams without sharing concrete details like the shift or function. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we reconsidered and redefined this feature. The biggest difference is the starting point, namely projects and subprojects, which allows you to recruit for a longer period than one day. Take for example an event of 1 month: you publish a global project without time indication and you move the enrolments to one or more teams once you know the exact time schedule.

Work schedule

The new & improved work schedule not only contains the confirmed enrolments but also the absent and unplanned hours of the collaborator. As a result, entered unavailabilities can now also be exported from Beeple, via the settings for “Work schedules data”. We took this opportunity to provide a new page (underneath the general settings) that collects all settings for work schedules. A tutorial on how to create a work schedule template will follow soon.

Admin ≠ Collaborator

Beeple admins are looked at as collaborators with more rights. This means that they also have access to the collaborator’s portal (the public side). This can be quite tricky sometimes, for example when you request the collaborators to fill in all kinds of obligatory profile properties, but you do not necessarily need the admins to do the same. A new right in the roles enables you to disable the public side for an admin or another role. 

Warning about unavailability collaborator

In the past, an admin could enrol an unavailable collaborator without any problem. Just like with profile requirements that haven’t been met, we now added a warning that states that the collaborator is (partly) unavailable during the shift for which he/she is enrolled. That way, no-shows can be reduced significantly and discussions with your collaborators belong to the past.

Dashboard notifications in other channels

You are probably already familiar with the dashboard, the homepage for admins that displays an overview of the latest actions on your site. From now on, you can also receive these notifications automatically via email, SMS, Facebook or Beeple Chat. You can find these settings in the admin profile (underneath the dummy in the upper right corner).

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