XML exports

Good news for XML-fans: beside PDF and Excel exports, you can also make XML exports in Beeple from now on. Go to the settings and scroll to the module “Export data” to upload your XML template. Documentation on how to create an XML export template for Beeple will follow.

Time notation in Excel import/export

When you import an Excel planning into Beeple, the time notation does not play a part anymore; any time notation will be  automatically displayed correctly in Beeple. The same goes for making an Excel export with time indications in Beeple. Modifications will be automatically adapted in Excel as well.

Custom landing page

You can choose whether you arrive on the dashboard, the collaborators page or the planning overview when opening Beeple. The dashboard will be the default landing page. You can change this in the settings below “Access and security”. Click on the name of the admin you would like to update and select the desired landing page.

Simplified column selection

It is now much easier to select the columns you would like to see in the planning overview or on the collaborators page. The principle stays the same: click on “Columns” to check off the columns you would like to be displayed.

Evaluation without modification

When you create a role in the settings, you can assign certain rights to this role. In the past, it was not possible to grant an admin the right to evaluate collaborators without enabling him/her to modify the collaborators’ personal data and add new collaborators. Fortunately, this has become possible with the new release. To apply this on a role, go to “Access and security” and adopt the following settings on the desired role.

Worked hours registration without break entry

If you allow your collaborators to register their worked hours themselves, you can now decide whether or not they are able to enter a break. To hide the break entry, go to the settings and scroll to the module “Registration worked hours”. Indicate “No” next to “Enter breaks by Collaborators”.

Replacing collaborators

It was already possible to move or delete a collaborator on a team, but from now on you can also replace a collaborator by another one. It is necessary that he/she is replaced by a collaborator that has an enrolment or candidacy within the same project. To replace a collaborator, go to the planning and select the team in which you want to make the replacement.

Communication pause 

From now on, using the on/off button for communication will have even more effect. When you pause the communication, not only the communication linked to enrolments will be blocked, but all the deleted and cancelled enrolments will be blocked as well. Moreover, the created enrolments will not be publicly visible anymore underneath “My work”.

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